Getting Naked

No, not literally. I’m talking about a different kind of nakedness. The kind where we reveal who we really are underneath all the BS. The kind where we’re open to possible physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual harm.   

A lot of us don’t like feeling vulnerable. We don’t like exposing ourselves. Or being exposed by someone else. It’s terrifying.

But what if by avoiding getting hurt we’re also denying the possibility of deeper connection? What if we’re missing out on some great opportunity with someone or something? How do we reconcile how much to give of ourselves with how much to withhold?

Join us for a discussion here.

Getting Naked, from Sharing the Journey

Revealing to others who we really are is not easy. It requires courage. A crap ton of courage. And love. Real love. Of ourselves.

Time to start loving ourselves.

Published by Sharing the Journey

Delving into the mysteries of ourselves, each other, and our realities.

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