Letting Go

This is probably the hardest lesson we’ll ever encounter. It’s not easy to let go of what or who we’ve known. Yet change is all around us. Now more than ever.

We love to hold on to people, things, experiences and all the other things in life that give us an illusion of stability. But the truth is we’re already stable, even when the rug has been pulled out from under us and we experience loss.

How to apprehend this truth? Give a listen below.

Impermanence, from Sharing the Journey

Make a vow to make every moment in every day count.

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Delving into the mysteries of ourselves, each other, and our realities.

2 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. This is spot on. Speaks to exactly how I am feeling. I have a very hard time letting go. Something I am being forced to work on during this time.


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