About Our Guide

Hi! I’m Jennifer Hudson.

No, really. That’s my name. I’ve shared it with more than one Jennifer Hudson over the years, so I’m used to it!

What makes me different from the others?

I’ve always been a seeker. I was raised Roman Catholic, grew in earth-based and Buddhist practices, and belonged to a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Then I had an experience that brought profound healing and led me back to Christianity. I found my home in The Episcopal Church and I’m discerning what role and type of ministry I’m being called to within that branch.

In other words, my journey has taken some interesting turns. Each road, each path, has enriched my spiritual life and deepened my connection–with myself, with others, and with something far greater.

My particular tradition may be Episcopalian Christian. Yours might be Jewish. Or Pagan. Or Agnostic. Or Humanist. They’re all valid. We can all learn and grow together. Each path is like a thread that, when woven and assembled, create a rich and beautiful tapestry.

It’s not so much what we believe (or don’t) that’s as important as what questions and deep longings we hold in our hearts, bodies, and minds about this journey we call life as a human.

My role is not to tell you how to grow or provide you with answers to life’s big questions. I’m here to question with you. Think of me as a tugboat, a vessel used to maneuver other vessels to where they need to go. I’m journeying too. I’m seeking like you. I’d like companions for the ride.

I’m comfortable feeling vulnerable. I am willing to share and give. My hope is that we can learn and grow together, and that, maybe, as a result of seeing things differently, we might approach our common human journey differently and effect positive change.

Thank you for being here. Looking forward to sharing this journey!

Copyright © 2020 by Jennifer A. Hudson

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